Bar Area

Not to be confused with the stools by the bar bench, these beautiful tables are by a bespoke sitting bench featuring exclusive fabrics
brought from Scotland. This area also features our iconic candle wall romantically lit by 144 candles.

These tables have the best view of our beautiful bar, and our skilled and chatty bartenders,
who will love to recommend our best wines and signature cocktails.

Best for: Dinner, drinks and nibbles.
Most suitable for groups of: 2 to 4 people
Seating type: High (bench & stools)

Dining Room

This versatile room in the middle of our venue and offers comfortable seating, perfect for all occasions.
The Advocate's designer has created a charming room featuring beautiful French doors that look out to an ivy wall lit by hundreds of
fairy lights. The stunning marble tables, and a stylish whisky wall will take you to Westminster theme dining atmosphere.

Best for: Dinner.
Most suitable for groups of: 2 to 12 people
Seating type: Low (chairs)

Front Lounge

This classy area captivates everyone within the first few seconds when you walk through the door. Sit down on our cozy couches and ottomans
whilst overlooking our fireplace and our elegant grand piano.

This area is perfect to have pre-dinner drinks before moving to one of our other areas. This area also suits to have drinks and nibbles
with your friends after dinner.

Best for: Drinks, nibbles or desserts
Most suitable for groups of: 4 to 8 people
Seating type: Low (couches and ottomans)

The Advocate Library Garden

Library Garden

Our hidden gem,, is the favourite area for many people looking to have 'dinner under the stars' and is definitely a must if you are visiting us for a romantic date.
Thousands of fairy lights cover the roof and the walls of ivy, creating one of the most magical and unique dinning experiences available!.

This area is adaptable throughout the year: in winter you don't have to worry about being cold,
our electronic blinds roll down enclosing the room and keeping the heat in from our gas heaters.
In summer you are going to love sitting here with blinds rolled up turning the garden into a fresh outdoors space!

Our most popular option for private functions for 20 to 40 people.

Best for: Dinner, drinks, nibbles
Most suitable for groups of: 2 to 18 people
Seating type: High bar stools

Street Front

This area is perfect if you want to enjoy the good weather outside. Beautiful black and white tiles adorn the front entrance
while outdoor furniture, greenery and wallpapers evoque a Parisian terrace outdoor dining experience.

If you want to have a few drinks while looking at the vibrant life of Whitehorse Road,
or if you want to have an outdoor dining experience, this area is for you!

This area is the dog-friendly option of the venue..

Best for: Dinner, drinks or nibbles
Most suitable for groups of: 2 to 4 people
Seating' type: Low (chairs)

Bar (Bench)

Are you looking for a more casual bar-experience? Sit by our luxurious marble bar whilst having a friendly chat with
our bartenders, or if you are planning to arrive into the venue half an hour before your booking for pre-dinner drinks.

Our entire restaurant menu is available in this area if you want to stay here to dine
while you get the best drinks advice straight from our cocktail masters.

Best for: Drinks or nibbles
Most suitable for groups: 2 to 3 people
Seating type: High (stools)

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