Vibrant Veggies

**Menus subjects to changes due to availability**  Photos show the suggested presentation of the dishes following the cooking method provided, as our chefs prepare them in our restaurant.


House Baked Focaccia, Ricotta, Tomato, Basil, Olive    *V *GFO 

Smoked Cauliflower Soup, Sesame, Rice Crackers, Coriander   *VE *GF


Beetroot Risotto, Candied Pecans, Feta    *VE *GF

Housemade Pasta, 3 Cheese Sauce, Parsley    *V


Charred Broccoli, Garlic Yoghurt, Rocket    *V *VEO *GF

Roast Baby Potatoes, Paprika, Truffled Aioli    *V *VEO *GF 


Dark Chocolate Brownie, Mixed Nuts, Peanut Butter Caramel, Vanilla Cream    *V 

Cheesecake, Strawberry, Coconut    *V *GF 

Wine (x1  –  Optional) $48

Houghton Reserve – Sauvignon Blanc (WA)

Dusky Sounds – Pinot Gris

Fishbone – Merlot

T. Promised Land – Pinot Noir


**Menus subjects to changes due to availability**