We are taking every possible preventative measure to ensure that guests, staff and suppliers of The Advocate, are protected from potential transmission of COVID-19. Any patrons that are showing signs of COVID-19 or are unwell are required to not enter the venue. 

All guests are encouraged to view the Victorian Government’s website to keep up to date with the latest health advice: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

The Advocate’s Preventative Measures Include:

  • For each shift, every venue will have a trained COVID safe officer appointed for both Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) to oversee and enforce all covid safe house policies. The COVID Safe Officer has completed extensive training to ensure that all health and safety protocols are enforced. 
  • Each staff member prior to returning to work will complete the Victoria Government’s “Return to Work E-Learning” program. This program provides training on operating a hospitality business in a COVID-19 environment.. Training will be refreshed at least once per week with every staff member to ensure they have a deep understanding of COVID safe practices.
  • Each staff member prior to entering the venue for their shift will be required to check in on our QR code system and sanitise their hands regularly;
  • The Advocate will be regularly monitoring the Victorian and Federal government’s websites to ensure the latest health and safety advice is followed.

Conditions of Entry:

  • All guests must adhere to the State Governments restrictions on the usage of masks as our policy is in line with the current health recommendations. 

Heightened Hygiene Practices

  • Electronic payment only;
  • Sanitiser dispensers throughout the venue;
  • Daily deep cleaning of venue;
  • Regular cleaning of high touch surfaces; 
  • Commercial dishwashers sanitise at 82 degree cycles.