Our Head Chef Benjamin Aldous has been working for many years alongside some of the best chefs and produce all around Australia.

As a result, he has mastered his craft to a high level, bringing with him a technique of care for the ingredients he uses. Ben is well experienced with food trends however he incorporates his own modern twist therefore resulting in his own unique dishes.

Here at The Advocate, Ben has found his chance to express himself through food and showcase the best of his cooking. Ben’s discipline and tenacity plus his desire of making a name for himself, is sure something that makes his food worth a try.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic Ben has adapted his cooking style to ensure guests can still achieve high quality comfort food in the safety of their homes. Ben is excited to welcome guests back to The Advocate once restrictions ease, to get the bespoke A La Carte experience that is associated with his style of cooking.

The Advocate